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Zoom Best Practices

  • Use passwords for meetings – these can be different for each meeting if desired
  • Do NOT use the personal meeting ID for classes – use the random generated meeting ID feature
  • Enable “waiting room” on all of the meetings – link from yesterday
  • Turn off screen sharing by participants – this is now the default, this can also be turned back on dynamically during meetings
  • Use the “manage participants” feature to monitor who is in the meeting – if necessary, remove uninvited guest( there is also an option of “not allowing removed participants from rejoining” this can also be easily enabled.
  • Lock the meeting once everyone is in – this is also done from the Manage Participants icon

Also, Enabling “Waiting Room” will not allow anyone into the meeting/class until the teacher manually allows them. When students use the link to enter a class, they will be required to enter the names. Once in the meeting, the teacher can use the visual identification of the camera to ensure the student is who they say they are. Another tool that a teacher can use once the class has started, is to use the “Manage Participant” button at the bottom of the screen - if someone shows up there that is not supposed to be there, the teacher can “remove” them from the class, and the teacher can also then “lock” the class – also from the Manage Participant button.

Waiting Room Set Up Tutorial

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